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Courses A2

New course (online) A1 - A2 starts 22th of september!

How to sign in? Send an email to: info@dutchforstarters.nl

What you will achieve in the language course A1 - A2?

Block 2 (12 weeks)


  • To be able to ask for help from, for example, a teacher, the bus driver or the

  • To be able to join in on simple, everyday conversations. For example, about the
    weather, transport, educational issues, holidays etc.

  • To be able to ask for, and give directions  

  • To have social conversations during informal gatherings. For example, at your
    child’s school meetings

  •  To be able to talk about landscapes, transport and emotions


  • To be able to understand people giving directions      

  • To be able to understand simple instructions. For example, where you can find
    certain information or where to buy something       

  • To be able to ask for opinions and understand the answers.


  • To be able to write a short note or email about personal issues. For example, you’ll be able to write an email to notify the teacher of your child being ill or write a text to the mother of your child’s friend

  • To be able to take notes, for example, during a phone call

  • To be able to write sentences using multiple different verbs.


  •  To be able to pick up on the most important information in advertisements,
    leaflets, letters and emails from school or other institutions

  • To understand simple texts using recurring words.


  •  To be able to distinguish the present tense, imperfect tense and the perfect tense

  •  To be able to use ‘separable’ verbs correctly

  •  To be able to recognize reflective verbs

  •  To be able to refer to words in other phrases, using the demonstrative pronoun (die,
    dat, deze
    in Dutch)

  • To be able to connect two main clauses.

How to sign in? Send an email to: info@dutchforstarters.nl